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step 1

Register as an OXYAffiliate

All submissions are personally reviewed and approved in 2 - 3 working days.

step 2

Check out your Oxyaffiliate KOL Dashboard

KOL Dashboard is only accessible upon Approval of Oxyaffiliate Account

step 3

Get your own unique Referral Link

Ensure that your referral uses your Unique Referral Link!

step 4

Welcome GIFT Available!

As a Thank You, all Oxyaffiliate KOLs are awarded a coupon code. This coupon code is for your customers to enjoy a big discount off their OXYTAP purchase!

For US Affiliates : US$100 / For EU Affiliates : €$90 / For SG Affiliates : SG$150

No Hassle!

Coupon will be automatically applied if your referral uses your referral link!

step 5

Review your OxyAffiliate Progress

Monitor your Activities

Direct Sales are at 10% commision rate.

Gain deeper insights with Order Details

step 6

Review your OxyAffiliate Rewards from Indirect Sales

Monitor your Sub-KOLs

Indrect Sales are from your Sub-KOLs under your account. Indirect Sales are at 2% commision rate.

Indirect Referrals are Tagged with your Sub-KOL name in the Order Description