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The brain is the place that needs oxygen the most. Using your head consumes a lot of oxygen.

When you're focused, your breathing rate is relatively low, so oxygen intake is absolutely critical. The more you focus the more oxygen you need.

low energy

The extra oxygen dissolved in the water may help increase oxygen saturation in the bloodstream and provide more oxygen to tissues and cells. This additional oxygen can aid cellular respiration and energy production


Lack of oxygen can affect myopia by causing changes to the crystalline lens, hardening the lens, and increasing its refractive power.

Low ocular blood flow and oxygen levels may starve eye tissues and disrupt signaling that guides normal development of the eye and vision regulation. This may promote excessive axial elongation of the eye and lead to myopia.


Improved oxygen intake in theory could lead to higher oxygen saturation in the bloodstream and tissues.

Some studies have linked high blood oxygen levels with improved sleep quality




During an asthma attack, the airways become inflamed and swollen, which can lead to a lack of oxygen, causing symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, and wheezing.

Drinking 40ppm stable dissolved oxygenated water may help to improve asthma symptoms by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood.


Reducing oxidative stress:  Increasing oxygen levels can help to neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation.

Improving blood flow to the joints can help to deliver more oxygen to the tissues. This can help to reduce inflammation.

Promoting tissue repair:  Increasing oxygen levels can help to speed up the repair process and reduce inflammation.


"The Root Cause of frequent skin disease is the lack of oxygen (Hypoxia)."

Professor BARNIKOL, Director of Clinical Physiology at WITTEN/HERDECKE University

When Cells lack oxygen, they lack the metabolic energy for tissue regeneration. An increase of oxygen is needed internally or
externally to facilitate the healing.


Too much drinking will result in the body, producing ‘acetaldehyde’.

When the body is unable to process the amount of acetaldehyde that accumulates, it will cause buildup in the liver. 

A hangover is sustained due to ‘acetaldehyde’ that has not been decomposed. Drinking oxygen water can facilitate in the decomposition of ‘acetaldehyde’, which can help relieve hangovers.




"All normal cells have a requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen - a rule without exception"

Dr Otto H.Warburg, Biologist / Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine

Cells can turn cancerous if deprived of oxygen for long periods. Studies has shown Oxygenated Water having a positive effect of Oxygenated water on Tumor Hypoxia and Tumor Growth.


Drinking high stable dissolved oxygenated water may help with low diabetes by increasing arterial blood oxygen levels.

This can improve mitochondrial function, which is important for glucose-lowering therapy.

Additionally, drinking water with high dissolved oxygen levels can help control blood glucose levels and prevent or manage diabetes complications


Oxygen water may help increase oxygen delivery throughout the body.

The dissolved oxygen may help alleviate cellular hypoxia (lack of oxygen) which some studies link to fatigue and symptoms in long COVID patients.

The stabilised oxygen in the water acts as an antioxidant and may reduce oxidative stress that is thought to play a role in the lung damage and inflammation caused by COVID-19. This could support healing.

By improving oxygenation, oxygen water may provide a boost in energy levels and mental clarity for those suffering from long COVID brain fog and fatigue.


Reduction of oxidative stress: Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and enhanced coagulation induced by inflammation.

Improvement of cerebral blood flow : Chronic inflammation of the blood-brain barrier can lead to apoptosis of cerebral endothelial cells, astrocytes, and pericytes, which can contribute to the development of certain dementias

Increasing tissue oxygenation can help improve microvascular function and cerebral blood 


Great product. After sale service,Wilson is kind and polite.
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Ronnie Low
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Shane Yeo
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Bernard, Saik-Hay Fong
We really like our Oxytap. It's great value for money to be able to increase oxygen levels for an infinite volume of water.... as opposed to buying bottles off the shelf. I run and train weekly with intervals, and I did notice aerobic and anaerobic capacity increase. Also got one machine for our parents, and their health markers improved quite a bit.
Charis Lee
Charis Lee
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Hee Kiang Foo
My family has been taking the oxygen water coming to 10 months now. The machine is very easy to use and importantly, it has helped boost our immune system, esp. my schooling children and I felt more energetic when I exercise.
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CmsMaid Agency
I was one of the first customers of the Oxytap when they first opened in Singapore. This machine has served me very well: no breakdowns, no extra care needed. Fresh, oxygen-rich water all day long! I can't drink any other water anymore! They just don't taste as good. More importantly, oxygen-rich water has kept my elderly mum and me healthy. My contact dermatitis has disappeared completely. No coughs and colds, no flu. Definitely recommend investing in Oxytap for your physical health!
Lena Wan
Lena Wan